Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm a Fickle Pickle

As you probably noticed, I changed the blog again.  This time, feel free to get attached to the new look.  I think it'll be around for awhile.  I decided to really simplify the design to let my posts and pictures stand out more.  I guess now would be a good time to work on my photography skills.  I've only pinned about 100 DSLR tips on Pinterest. Anyone else guilty of pinning away and then never actually reading the material???  Strange how that doesn't seem to happen with the dessert recipes that I pin, though.

What I have been reading about involves how to add buttons and pages and coding to the blog.  It's like a whole different world for me.  I started with a couple of baby steps.  On the bar across the top of the blog (right underneath the title), you should now see links to two additional pages.  (Until last week, I wasn't even aware that these were called pages.  I'd say I've come a long way.)  One page is simply a bit more information about me, the blog, and how it all started.  The second new page was truly a labor of love.  It's a house tour within which you will find before and after pics, links to the posts I've written about all of the projects in each space, and a bulleted list of future plans for each room.  I will be updating the house tour every so often as we continue to check projects off our list.  Future plans include creating a source list of items in our house in case you like something and want to snatch it up for yourself or a friend, and possibly adding some before and after pictures of our first house.  I hope you enjoy the new features!

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