Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Christmas Tree

I have a confession.  I lost steam on the Christmas decorating.  Remember how I was all on top of things at the end of November?  Whelp…that was the beginning and the end of that.  Ever since, the Christmas decorating has been moving at a snail's pace.  I lost motivation.  I ran out of time.  I had grand plans.  Blah blah blah.  Maybe next year.

I've been feeling really down and out about the whole thing.  I've been feeling like I've let all 5 of my readers down.  And I've been feeling like my house and home decor just don't measure up (that's what happens when you subscribe to too many blogs written by too many uber talented women).  But then I read this amazing post from Ashley and I felt instantly better.

It's easy to get down on yourself and critique your less-than-perfect home when your inbox is flooded with picture-perfect, clutter-free, bright-and-shiny Christmas home tours from every home design blogger in America.  But you know what?  It's okay to push more important things up your to do list.  Whatever they may be.  For me, relaxing, de-stressing, and sleeping took precedence over making more ornaments for our tree or creating the perfect Christmas tablescape.  And I'm trying not to be sorry about it.

Our tree has been up since the end of November but it just hasn't been finished.  I am still not 100% in love with it, but…I'm done.

I went with a white and mixed metal theme this year (the theme started with our Christmas mantel).

The garland is a DIY project using this tutorial.  

Our felt mistletoe is from West Elm.  A couple years ago I attempted to make my own but when the result was less than exciting, I ordered the West Elm version.

One day, in all of my spare time, I'll learn how to take bokeh shots.  And I'll fill up the tree with DIY ornaments.  And I'll make my own tree skirt.  And I'll solve all of the world's problems with a wave of my hand.  You might not want to hold your breath.


  1. I've been feeling the same way lately. I even considered giving up blog reading (for like half a second) just to stop being so hard on myself. But I just try to remind myself this is for fun! Ashley's post hit home for me too! Good luck letting go of the self-imposed pressure and I hope you have a merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Heather! Merry Christmas to you guys, also!


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