Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guest Bathroom: Vanity Reveal

The vanity is done!  If you remember from my guest bathroom inspiration post, my plan was to build some shelves in the center like John and Sherry did here.  (I'm assuming the open center is supposed to be for a vanity seat?) The shelves would serve two purposes: 1) add extra storage, 2) help conceal the sink plumbing.  Basically following the exact steps that John took, we got to work.

Here is the before shot:

Step one: Determine the depth of your kick plate.  Install two pieces of scrap wood at this depth.  These will serve as the way for you to attach the kick plate later.

Step two: Cut two more strips of scrap wood about 3/4 the length of your lower shelf.  Attach these with wood screws to the sides of your vanity.  This is how you will later secure your lower shelf.

Step three:  Attach your kick plate to the pieces of wood you installed in step one.

Step four: Build and install your lower shelf.  We used 1/2" plywood for the shelf and cut down a piece of scrap wood for the facing.

Step five: Add supports for your second shelf.  Ours is only about 7" deep because the sink plumbing comes down behind it.  

Step six: Build second shelf.  We decided to keep our second shelf removable so as to have better access to our plumbing.  You never know when you might need to clean out that P trap.

Step seven: Liberally apply wood filler to minimize visible cracks and the many imperfections.  (Not a whole lot is square in a 1960s custom vanity that was built in place.)

Step eight: Sand and PAINT!  We used leftover XIM primer and Benjamin Moore Aura interior paint in dark teal in a satin finish.  I lightly sanded with 350 grit sandpaper in between coats.

So much better, right?

The knobs are from Anthropologie and I reused the original hinges.  

Cooter was admiring the new shower curtain.

I am currently working on making and hanging artwork, and the vanity light that I ordered from Lowe's back on the 4th is finally here.  I will be picking it up this afternoon.  I should still be able to achieve my goal of finishing the space by the end of February - woohoo!


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