Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DIY Hammock Stand Reveal

Is there anything better than relaxing in a hammock whilst listening to the sounds of nature on a warm Summer day?  If you can keep the mosquitoes at bay, I think not.

Seth and I honeymooned in Costa Rica and we had a hammock overlooking Arenal Volcano on the back deck of our suite.  It was amazing and we both fell in love with hammocks.  (I mean, we also fell more in love with each other.  Obviously.  But back to hammocks...)

Fast forward three and a half years later and our hammock was sitting in a storage bin.  It had moved with us twice and we had yet to pull it out and use it.  In our defense, it wasn't for lack of trying.  I bought a metal hammock stand three years ago and tried to set it up but the dimensions of the hammock stand weren't working with our hammock.  And neither our rental house nor the house we purchased in IL had two trees close enough together to hang it up.  

Well, when you can't find the right stand to buy, you DIY, right?


I'll be back soon with the tutorial.  If I can stay out of the hammock long enough to type it.

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