Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Dining Room Wall Color

I know I kept you in suspense after my last post.  I went back and forth on what color to repaint the dining room.  The sesame was just too bright and "in your face" for relaxed digestion.

It was cheery in our old office, but it was time for a change.  I considered Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue (what we have in our living room), Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy on an accent wall or a half painted wall like this, or Valspar's Polar Star (what's in our entryway/hallway).

I decided to go with the Polar Star.  

(Sorry about the blown out windows.  One day I'll read this tutorial and fix those for you.)

Here is what it looks like from the new office.

I think the Polar Star was the right decision to help achieve the light and airy look that I'm going for.

So the dining room walls were coats #7 and 8 of our eight coats in eight days painting extravaganza.  

I'm going to work on an updated whole house color scheme post for you.  And I need to introduce you to our office rug and my new desk!

Have a great Labor Day holiday!

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