Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Affordable, Modern Cribs for the Twins

If you've browsed around this blog much, you probably know that Seth and I do not like traditional furniture.  We prefer a more modern, streamlined look.  This preference leads to much difficulty when it comes time to purchase furniture.  The local furniture stores around here are not going to cut it.  I spent quite some time searching for affordable, modern cribs before we found ours and I thought I would gather them all in one place in case others are in the same boat.

Let's start with the pricey options.

Modern Cribs (splurge)

1.  Babyletto Lolly Crib $399 - I really like this one.  The natural wood color of the spindles makes them fade into the background.  

2.  Dwell Studio Mid-Century Crib $799 - This one is gorgeous.  Much too pricey for us, but gorgeous.

3.  Oeuf Sparrow Crib $760 - The poster child for modern cribs (it seems to be on every design blog!).  Too pricey for us though.

4.  Ti Amo Moderna Island Crib ~$400 - I am not as familiar with this brand, but it looks like a nice mid-priced crib.

5.  Babyletto Hudson Crib $379 - This was my dream crib for awhile.  It looks very similar to the Oeuf Sparrow but for half the cost.  If we were having only one child, I might have splurged.

Now for some more affordable options...

Modern Cribs (save)

1.  Baby Mod Marley Crib $299 - I love the tapered legs on this beauty.  It looks like the white/walnut combo is currently sold out but hopefully it will be restocked.

2.  Baby Mod Modena $249 - On sale for $199 currently!  Also comes in gray and espresso.

3.  Fisher Price Riley Crib $249 - I love the white/gray color combo.  And it's manufactured by a well-known, trusted company.

4.  Delta Children Manhattan Crib $249 - This one is not available in white, but I do like the gray.  The slanted legs are also reminiscent of those on the Oeuf Sparrow.

5.  Baby Mod Olivia Crib $299 - Currently on sale for $249!  I like how the base seems to cradle the entire crib.  Looks super sturdy.

6.  Fisher Price Soho Crib $299 - A dramatic, contrasting look!

**If you're looking to save even more, try the old standby Ikea Gulliver Crib (it's only $99!) or the Delta Waves Crib ($129!).**

We made our crib decision at the end of December and have since found time to assemble one of the two.  I will reveal our winner and show you some pictures soon!  Happy crib hunting!

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