Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gender Neutral Nursery Designs

How about some gender neutral nursery designs for those of you who either like to be surprised by the gender of your baby at birth or who are having boy/girl fraternal twins like us?

As I've probably stated before, I really dislike super theme-y nurseries.  They just take me back to the early 90s and wallpaper borders.  I'm not into crib bedding sets either.  I like a more modern, eclectic feel.  I want the room to feel at least a little collected over time versus recently purchased off the shelf at a major retail store.  Sorry if I'm insulting anyone.  Just know that you do not have to purchase everything from the same bedding set and you do not have to pick a theme.  Choose things that you like.  Mix and match a little and create something unique and fun!

I also believe that nurseries are as much for the parents as they are for the baby.  Do you think a baby cares what color his/her walls are?  Or what kind of artwork is hanging above their changing table?  I don't.  When the twins are older and have opinions about that kind of thing, you better believe that I'll be designing a super special room based on their wishes.  But for the nursery, I'd like to enjoy the many, many, many hours that I'll be spending in there looking at artwork that appeals to me as well.  Don't get me wrong - our nursery will also have some kid appeal.  It just won't have trains or planes or cartoon animals everywhere.  Ok.  I'm done.

First up is a colorful option.  Despite the purple, I think this could still work for a boy or girl. (You could always eliminate the purple throw pillow and choose something a bit more masculine.)  The rug reminds me of this wall that Gwen hand painted (!!!) for Creating with the Stars last year.  I love it!

Modern Purple and Chartreuse Nursery

NuLOOM rug / Owl home decor / Pehr throw pillow / Woven basket / Pehr throw pillow / Wire sculpture / Thibaut throw pillow / West Elm storage furniture / West Elm leather chair / Walmart Baby Mod Marley 3-in-1 Convertible Crib / Alphabet Wall Art Print  / Hand Crafted Baby Mobile Counting Sheep / There You Go Print / Knit Wool Pouf, Beige

Next is a peach and turquoise design.  I love calming, muted color schemes for nurseries.  I know that babies see high contrast and bright colors better (since their eyesight is not fully developed at birth), but they can get that from their books and toys.  I think it's probably a good thing for their room to be fairly calming.  It is where they are supposed to be sleeping after all.  Now if someone would make sure that twins understand that, that'd be great.

Peach and Turquoise Nursery

Crate and Barrel swing arm wall lamp / West Elm vines wool rug / Turquoise window panel / Wire sculpture / Linen peach throw pillow / Kelly Wearstler pillow rocker  / Ikea Hemnes dresser / Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib / Adventure Quote Chicken Run / Knit Wool Pouf, Beige / birch tree wallpaper / swoop art print

I went with a sophisticated safari theme for this design.  I really love the color block print from Minted and the David Hicks magenta throw pillow.

Modern Pink and Navy Nursery

Possini Euro Design glass globe chandelier / Crate and Barrel modern wall light / H M lidded basket navy pillow  / wire sculpture / rocker / Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib Adventure Quote  / Color Blocking Print / Watercolor Zebra Print  / Aeonium print / Knit Wool Pouf, Beige / David Hicks Dark Wine and Magenta Throw Pillow / Rug

Lastly, another calm, dreamy option.  I'm in love with that Britt Bass Turner abstract.  Ever since I came across it, I've been trying to find somewhere that I could incorporate it in our house to no avail. We just don't have a room that it would work in right now.  So do me a favor and buy it for your house and then send me a picture.

Neutral, Dreamy Nursery

Seagrass basket / Wire Sculpture / Nate Berkus cream throw pillow / Owl Printl / Ikea Hemnes dresser / Walmart Baby Mod Marley 3-in-1 Convertible Crib / Large Industrial White Pendant / Hand Crafted Baby Mobile Counting Sheep / Alphabet Wall Art Print / Knit Wool Pouf, Beige  / Diamond Hand Block Quilt / Squirrel Print / Rug / Abstract Print / Swivel Rocker

So there you have it.  Four ideas for modern, non-theme-y, gender neutral nursery designs. These were at one time all options for our nursery but they have fallen out of favor.  I've got a couple of strong contenders that I'll share with you after we get a bit further along with the design.  It's highly possible that I will change my mind again.

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