Friday, February 6, 2015

Guest Bedroom Update

I realized that I've added and changed some things in our guest bedroom over the past six months or so and have never shown you guys.  I will remedy that today.

Our guest bedroom started out like this:

Then, we painted and added some of our furniture and decor.

We obviously hadn't gotten around to replacing that hideous light fixture yet.  

Since then, we've removed the chevron rug because a certain chihuahua decided it looked like a good potty spot. (Read: chihuahuas are the arguably the most difficult breed to fully house train.)  And I've tweaked and added to the decor.

Things are looking much better these days (except for my grainy photos obviously...I really need to sign up for an online class).

Now that I've revealed the current state of the guest bedroom to the blog world, I'll also tell you that I'm about to start tweaking things again.  I don't anticipate purchasing many new items (I'm eyeing this pillow though).  I will be toning down the yellow by bringing in more white with just a few small shots of additional colors, possibly dyeing the curtains, bringing in a dresser, switching out some artwork, and who knows what else.

My mom will be "moving in" to help out with the twins for about a month after they are born (THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM!) and I just felt it was time for a refresh.  I also want to make sure that the room is more functional for a long-term guest.  As always, progress may be slow around here, but I will keep you posted.  Have a relaxing weekend!

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