Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspiration for Our Front Door

Seth and I have known from day 1 of owning our house that we want to paint the front door, shutters, and wrought iron posts.  Right now they are a dark, dark green.  So dark in fact, that multiple neighbors have actually said, "Oh, the house with the black shutters" as we were pointing out where we live.  I have had to bite my tongue to refrain from saying, "Actually, they're dark green" because I really didn't want to appear too petty when I first met my new neighbors.

See?  The front door gets completely lost because it is soooo dark.  It's like a cavern.  Or a black hole.  It's just not doing it for us.  So I've been browsing pictures on houzz and pinterest and trying to envision different colors on our front door.  (The shutters and wrought iron posts will likely be painted a medium to dark gray.)

 Definitely draws your eye to the door!

 Peaceful and would go with our interior color scheme

Another light blue/gray

I have pretty much narrowed it down to the above colors - orange, green, blue, or yellow. I have never liked the color red - although I do believe it makes for a classic looking front door.  We are going for something a bit more modern and "edgy-er".  Seth ruled out purple and pink.  :)  We are definitely not doing black as that would only make our cavernous door issue worse.  The house is white, so white is out.  

I do want the front door to tie in somewhat with our interior colors.  But that doesn't really narrow the above four colors down since they are all going to play pretty prominent roles in our decor.  Our next door neighbors recently painted their house cream and they have an olive green front door so I may shy away from green.  I want to be able to say, "It's the house with the   orange/blue/yellow   front door" when I give people directions and have there be no question about which house is ours.  

What do you guys think?  Should your exterior color scheme tie into your interior color scheme?  Do you like a bold front door or something a bit more toned down?  Did you factor in your neighbors' front door color when choosing your own?

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