Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wire Basket Storage

My next project was inspired by this photo on Pinterest (yes, another Pinterest project - Seth just LOVES Pinterest).

I thought it was a clever way to store clutches and scarves without taking up dresser drawer space (cause my dresser is bursting with clothes right now - it may be time for some purging).  I found three over the shelf chrome wire baskets at Marshalls for around $8 each (I had previously found some at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for double that so even with a 20% off coupon, they would have been more expensive).  I forgot to take a before pic, but they basically looked like this.

Seth used some bolt cutters to remove the "arms" for hanging the basket over a cabinet door since I wouldn't need them.  I filed them down with a metal file and then got to work spray painting them the same color as our closet chandelier.  

I spray painted some hooks that I found floating around in my toolbox to match.  That thing is nowhere near organized.  It's another project on my list.  

Then, I just predrilled some holes, screwed in the hooks, and hung the baskets up.

I filled them up in no time with just my clutches and winter hats and scarves (which I DO use in the winter, even in Tennessee, because I am always freezing thankyouverymuch).  If we had more wall space in the closet, I would have installed more, but we are running low on it.  I haven't shown you yet, but the whole back wall of the closet is being used for shoe storage.  More on that repurposing project when it's complete.

So there you have it.  An easy, fairly inexpensive storage solution for whatever might be laying around your closet or taking up dresser drawer space.

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