Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Little Switch-a-Moo(se)

Can you tell that it's getting more and more difficult for me to come up with catchy titles for my blog posts?  Guess you're stuck weathering this case of "title block" with me.  Do you remember the moose (Fred) that I posted about here?  Good.  Well, he got a little bit of an update or a switch-a-roo moo(se) if you will so indulge me.  After living with him in the silvery gold frame with the orange fabric for awhile, I decided that it just wasn't working.

First, I think the frame was too fancy for him.  I realized that Fred is more of a rustic kind of guy.  I mean, he is a moose after all.  Secondly, I think the orange was a bit much.  I do plan on incorporating some orange into the room via little accents, but Fred's backdrop had been flying solo and sticking out.  And while the orange backdrop might make a reappearance in the future, I decided that I wanted to change it up for now.

Hobby Lobby is having 50% off their open frames this week (the ones without a back on them) so I snatched up a larger version of the one I used for my earring display.  I couldn't find the perfect green fabric at Hob Lob so I ended up at Joann's.  And there I found it.  A nice cotton in a beautiful celery green.  I cut a piece of cardboard to fit my new frame, wrapped the fabric around it, secured it with some double sided tape, and (since my frame had no way to hold my back in place) used some packing tape to secure it.  Fancy, huh? That is how we roll around here.  

I think he looks a bit more at home.  And I like the contrast between the dark wood frame and the crisp white fireplace.  However, I am now debating spray painting it a nice dark gray.  Our gallery wall around the television contains all black frames, the new sofa is dark gray (which I owe you a picture of), and my plan for decor above the sofa includes more gray.  Hmmm....what do you think?  I am also in love with his new background color.  It is less jarring than the orange.

Do you agree that Fred looks more at home now?  Or do you miss the orange?  Is anyone else a constant house-tweaker?  What have you switched up lately?

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  1. I like Fred's new look! I am a big fan of green in decor, has become my new favorite color in the last few years. I also like the frame better, I think it fits well and all still has a modern look to it. I can't wait to see a picture of your new couch!


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