Monday, February 18, 2013

Clean or Dirty???

You may recall that Seth and I added a new dishwasher to the family a while back.  She has a little light that comes on after each cycle to let you know that the dishes are clean, but the first time you open the door after the cycle is complete, it turns off.  This has already caused a few problems.  Seth will often grab his travel coffee mug out in the morning and then when I get up and start fixing dinner (I work nights), I'll start throwing dirty knives and cutting boards in before realizing that the dishes are (or were) clean.  Whoops!

I browsed online for a clean/dirty magnet to purchase, but didn't have much luck.  I'm a picky person.  I know a dishwasher magnet doesn't seem like a big purchase, but I've found that I am much happier when I limit my purchases to things with which I am absolutely in love.  If I had settled for a dishwasher magnet, I guarantee I would have tossed it within a month.  I don't like wasting money.  Even $2-3.  It adds up, people.  When I came across this, I new my search had ended.

I printed it on some white cardstock, laminated it, and stuck it to a magnet.  

And now, we will always know the status of the dishes inside our new dishwasher (that is, if everyone remembers to flip the magnet).  

It says "completely clean" and "disgustingly dirty" in case you can't read it.  The bright green/yellow and the medium gray colors will fit in perfectly with our planned kitchen color scheme.  In fact, we painted the ceiling this weekend (!!!).  Post to come soon.  Stay tuned.

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