Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Pieces for the Living Room

I'm back with a post about the new furniture and decor pieces in our living room.

One (or two) of our biggest additions is a pair of club chairs.  After months and months of browsing upholstered chairs online, Seth and I pulled the trigger clicked the mouse on these armchairs from Target.  I am pleased with their design and comfort, but I am a bit concerned about their durability.  All I can say is that time will tell if you pay for what you get with these chairs.  I'll let you know.

The side table is a Target find (no longer on their website).

I also purchased two poufs after eyeing them for many months.  I love them.  They are a blood red-orange color and give the room a nice jolt of energy.  They have actually inspired me to add more red-orange accents to the room and I am considering purchasing this or this throw pillow.  The poufs are filling the empty space between the coffee table and the fireplace hearth and are functioning perfectly as ottomans for foot-propping and as extra seating when we have guests over.

Another new piece is the small accent table on the built-in wall.  I found it at a local antique shop for a pretty reasonable price.  I'm still deciding if I will keep it as is, refinish and stain it darker, or paint it.

The fireplace screen is also fairly new.  We inherited one of those commonplace rickety black ones when we bought the house (see below).  The new one was on sale at Crate & Barrel a few months ago (I can't find it on their website anymore).  

Another minor change, is the addition of new knobs to the built-ins.  When we moved in, the knobs were painted to match the cabinets (an ugly cream color).  When we painted the room (including the cabinet fronts), we put some cheap wooden knobs on thinking that we would paint them to match the wall later.  At the time, I was just set on making the weird built-in cabinets blend into the wall as much as possible.  However, I have since decided to try some of the knobs we originally purchased for the kitchen cabinets (and are now using on other things around the house like our master bathroom vanity and the console table in the entryway) and I like how they look, so they're staying put.

I think that sums up the new living room furniture and decor.  We are still making progress slowly but surely in here (as with the entire house).  On the list are DIY'ing a console table for behind the sofa, possibly DIY'ing a new media console, filling and styling the built-ins, and adding art to all of the bare walls.  Whew.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

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