Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Styled Dining Room Buffet

After about 10 months, I have finally styled the dining room buffet.  While unpacking, our CD player ended up on top of the buffet and stayed there for months mostly due to a lack of a better place.  We knew eventually the CD player would have a spot in the living room built-ins, but it took a bit of time for us to get those built-ins sanded, primed, painted, and ready for filling.  Since those are now painted and mostly styled (post to come when they are finished), I was able to move the CD player and get started on the buffet.  Finally.

Here is what we lived with for 10 months.  Boring.  I cleared it off and used some baskets to fill the wall space above the buffet.

I picked up these baskets from Hobby Lobby a few years ago and we used them in our dining room at the old house.  

I then placed a silver tray from my good friend Anna opposite the lamp and added a couple of vases from Target and a white ceramic cow creamer on top.

I placed a new votive holder from West Elm and a sand timer from Hobby Lobby around the lamp.

And I'm calling that done for now.

Much better than an empty wall and a CD player.  I also changed the bookcase on the opposite side of the dining room...



...and the dining room hutch.



I put our fine china on display and decluttered.  A lot.  We are having a yard sale in July and are tying to purge a lot of stuff.  I realize that now it is a bit too sparse, but I will fix that in time.  

It makes me much happier to walk into the dining room now and see these areas looking more styled and closer to complete.  

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