Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cord Organization

My desk has had a mess of cords underneath it for almost a year now.

I have finally done something about it.  I'm not sure why this simple project took me so long.  There are many options out there for cord/cable management, but I knew that I wanted more than just organization with ties and cable spools.  I wanted concealment.  I was envisioning something like this cable management box from Ikea or this one from Poppin.  I was about to order the one from Ikea (and save a little moo-lah), but the hubby said he liked the look of the one from Poppin better.  So, Poppin it was.

It's simple to use.  Just pop off the top, set your surge protector inside, and guide the cords out the openings on either side.

Not perfect, but much better.  The large white extension cord can't go yet because we don't have an outlet on the wall behind our desks.  Maybe one day we'll pay an electrician to install one, but it will take longer (i.e. cost more) since it's an exterior wall.  :(

How about that before and after?  I love it when simple projects make me smile.

Have you guys tackled any quick, easy projects at home recently?

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