Friday, September 6, 2013

Etched Glass Soap Dispenser Fail

A few months ago, I purchased a soap and lotion set from Marshall's for the kitchen.  I had been searching for something like John and Sherry have in their kitchen (see #6).  I love how the white ceramic tray makes the set feel fancy and pulled together.

We recently used all of the soap and instead of refilling the plastic soap dispenser that came with the set, I bought a glass one from Target.

I decided that I wanted to etch the words "soap" and "lotion" onto the glass.  I was going for this look.  I purchased some Armour Etch from Hobby Lobby and rounded up the necessary supplies.

I cleaned the front of my glass soap and lotion dispensers with rubbing alcohol and let them air dry.  Then, I applied the appropriate letter stickers and placed painters tape around them to form a rectangle.  (This is the area that will actually become etched.)

Using gloves and a piece of wood (randomly found in my craft cart), I spread the etching cream over my letters.

I let it sit for a total of 5 minutes and gently stirred it around twice during that time to make sure that it was evenly applied and that there were no air bubbles.

Then, I rinsed it off and removed the tape and letters.


Or.................not.  :(

I'm not quite sure of the problem.  I did a test run on an empty jar from our recycle bin and I achieved this.

But for some reason, you cannot see the etching on the soap and lotion dispensers.  If you look very closely, you can see the "a" and the "p" on the soap dispenser.

Maybe this will help. it because the lotion is white that my etching isn't visible?  Or the fact that there is no soap behind the etching on the other dispenser?  I don't know.  Even my empty test jar looks a lot better.  Oh well.  I'm in the market for a glass olive oil dispenser and I may try my hand at etching that.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  For now, I guess we will live with plain glass dispensers.

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