Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Front Porch with Pumpkin House Number Topiary

With the addition of some mums and pumpkins, our porch is now Fall ready (I'm a bit behind this year).

I grabbed a couple of blue pots from Wal-Mart and filled them (and some others I had on hand) with mums and our coleus that is still going strong from Spring.

Mostly green and white pumpkins add to the Fall ambiance.

Inspired by Heather over at At The Picket Fence, I made a pumpkin house number topiary.

I made mine a bit differently though.

First, I used some of our plastic recycling to fill space in the bottom of the pot.  (Note: I also did this with the other pots as well.  It cuts down on the amount of dirt that you need and the pot ends up much lighter and easier to transport.  I only do this with temporary potted arrangements.)

I wedged two pieces of scrap wood down into the pot to support the pumpkins and poured in some dirt to disguise the plastic.  

I balanced the pumpkins on top of one another and added leftover landscape gravel around the base.  After spray painting our old house numbers glossy black, I hung them on the front of the pumpkins using twine.

Yay for a successful project!

I also added a little bit of Fall around the mailbox.

Maybe next year, I'll be more on top of things.


  1. Love the fall decor on the front porch, especially the mix of different colored pumpkins, and the stacked pumpkin topiary. I really like the blue you chose for the front door, it's so pretty.

  2. Thanks, Halie! I still smile every time I see our blue front door.


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