Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Inspiration: Wreaths

I LOVE Christmas.  It is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite holiday.  I've been immersed in Pinterest inspiration for the past couple of weeks and just made purchases at the local craft stores for some materials to start my Christmas crafting.  Here are some of the wreaths that I've fallen for.

I love how Sarah kept things simple with her boxwood wreath by just adding some gold dots.

I've been wanting to make a wood slice wreath since Laura from Finding Home debuted her first one this Fall.  There is a big branch sitting in our carport waiting for me.  I'm hoping I can start on it this weekend.

I love the softness that this feather boa wreath brings to Chris' Christmas Mantel.  You can find the tutorial here.  

Since I already have a grapevine wreath form, I thought this might be an easy (and cheap) way to change it out for Christmas.

Virginia made this ornament wreath for only $10!!!  Her tutorial inspired me to look for inexpensive ornaments at our local dollar stores.

For a modern take on an ornament wreath, look no further than these PVC pipe wreath tutorials.  I really like them but I'm not sure I'm going to take the time to make one this year.  Maybe I'll feel more ambitious next year.

I'm going to make two wreaths this year - one for our front door and one for our back door.  We always enter through the back carport door and I'd like to have something festive to look at when I'm going in and out.  I deserve that, right?

As for other project news, our shutters are assembled and sanded!  We hope to paint them (and maybe possibly install them???) this weekend.  So keep your eyes out for the second installment of our exterior facelift.

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  1. I have the wreath from Finding Home pinned as well. Jury's out if it actually gets made this season!


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