Thursday, January 9, 2014

No More Wallpaper!

While my parents were visiting after Christmas, my mom helped me strip the wallpaper in the guest bathroom.  Remember the floral, ribbon-y, pink craziness?

It's gone.

Doesn't the bathroom look so much better already?  We got super lucky.  It was the easiest wallpaper to remove ever.  After having no such luck at wallpaper removal in her house, my mom was shocked.

It often came off the wall in really big sheets.  

Once we got down to the little pieces that we couldn't easily remove, we sprayed them down with dilute white vinegar.  After a few minutes, we could peel the stubborn pieces right off.

When all the wallpaper was gone, we faced our more difficult challenge - removing all of the wallpaper paste from the walls.  The stuff was CAKED on.  We used some rags and dilute vinegar and wiped and wiped and wiped.  I plan to go over the walls one more time (probably with just warm water) before I begin any priming or painting.  Thanks, Mom!!!

Excuse our less than photo-ready selves.  We were hard at work.

Next up, prepping the walls and choosing a paint color.  :)

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