Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guest Bathroom Art Sources

As promised, I'm back with a post about the art in our guest bathroom.

It's a mix of super easy DIY art and a couple of purchased prints.

The color scheme for the whole bathroom is drawn from this gorgeous Michelle Armas print.  It perfectly pulls together the colors from the (somewhat ugly 1960s) tan tile and the teal shower curtain fabric.  

I ordered the "But the greatest of these is love" print from Jones Design Company.  The geometric heart was a quick DIY.  I just found a heart that I liked through a google search, transferred it onto some white card stock in pencil, and went over that with a copper colored sharpie.

The circular art is an elephant butt super glued onto some mint colored scrapbook paper.  I like that it's a little bit cheeky (pun intended).  The elephant butt was leftover from this project.  Inspired by this pin, Seth and I forced Amos to participate in art making.  He was not enthused.  After multiple attempts, we were able to create this paw print by dipping his paw in black acrylic paint and stamping it onto white card stock. I added his name and the date to commemorate the occasion.  Above the paw print is another simple DIY geometric piece.  I just drew some squares of different thicknesses with the copper colored sharpie.  Easy peasy.

For the art above the toilet, I used thumbtacks and a plain white canvas.  I painted the sides the same color as the vanity.

As I mentioned in the reveal post, the small gold frame contains a piece of the wallpaper that used to grace the walls in here.  Click here if you need a reminder.

The artwork above the hand towel is also a DIY piece.  I did a quick watercolor painting (drawing my palette from the room and the Michelle Armas print), cut it into 1/4" strips, and wove them together randomly.

I used a clip board with a chip clip on the side (because the clip on the clipboard wasn't long enough) to hold my pieces together.  Once you get started and have a few rows in place, everything becomes a lot more stable.

Hope this gives you some ideas for filling up your walls with inexpensive DIY art!


  1. I love the watercolor woven piece Sandra! I found your blog through Seth starting his, and I'm really enjoying it! Your house looks amazing!

  2. Thanks, Kristin! Glad you're enjoying it!


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