Thursday, April 10, 2014

Master Bedroom Progress

The new pillow for the master bedroom is here and the headboard is on the wall!  I thought I'd share some pictures with you today and hit you with the tutorial early next week.  (Sorry for the delay - it's a busy week at work.)

I am still on the hunt for a lightweight blanket for the bed (no luck at JCPenny).

As you can see, we did end up switching out the rug and I think it's a better fit for the space. The zebra print combined with the other patterns in the room was a bit much.  

The new art that I ordered for above our nightstands has arrived and I hope we can find time to hang it next week.  The newly white wall needs some pepping up.

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  1. Love your yellow/greenish pillows. I was actually thinking of adding a yellow splash. I also have burgundy swaggs now that I plan to put back up in my window dressing along with wood look blinds and grey drapery. I prefer a more traditional contemporary look... But love the pillows!


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