Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nailing Down the New Direction for the Master Bedroom

As I mentioned in this post, I'm going to be tweaking things room by room around here to better suit my our design style and our daily living needs.  I started with the master bedroom.  You may remember me revealing a few changes in this post.

Well, the square tuck duvet cover that I stole from the guest bedroom and the new Crate & Barrel curtains have made the cut.  The zebra rug and chevron pillow are out.

This is the direction that I'm heading in now:

Cozy and Modern with a Global Twist

ikat pillow // green velvet pillows // square tuck duvet // blanket // sconces // nightstands

We already own the nightstands (purchased 3 years ago when we bought our first house), the duvet (from West Elm but no longer available), the rug (stolen from our living room), the sconces (purchased a year and a half ago when we moved into this house), and, most recently, the curtains (no longer available from Crate & Barrel Outlet).

I just ordered the ikat pillow and it should arrive in the next few days!  I can't wait.  I am also anxiously awaiting the arrival of the "squirrel-e-lope" (as Seth has dubbed him) and the Minted print.  The ampersand art and November print were purchased a couple months ago when I was first curating art for the bedroom (yeah I just called searching for inexpensive prints "curating" cause that's as close as we're gonna get til we win the lotto).

I'm going to get myself over to JCPenny today to look for the indigo cotton blanket.  Our comforter/duvet combo is very toasty so I'm planning to fold it up and lay it at the foot of the bed for Spring/Summer.  I literally wake up in the middle of the night burning hot - like I've-had-Dengue-Fever-for-weeks-without-any-treatment-and-if-a-drop-of-water-hits-my-skin-it-will-sizzle hot, not I'm-a-Victoria-Secret-model-and-I've-been-soaking-up-some-sun-on-a-deserted-island hot.  I'm pretty sure something is wrong with my body's thermoregulation.

In other project news, we finished the new headboard and it is ON THE WALL!  I'm working on the post for you.  Additionally, I made some tough decisions about outdoor pillows and they are all in place on our front porch except one that was shipping from Canada and is still on its journey.  As soon as it gets here I will take photos and start on a post for you.

It's Wednesday - we are halfway to the weekend!  Woohoo!  We have some amazing friends visiting from Illinois this weekend and I cannot wait.  Also, I'm off to play the lotto.  ;)

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