Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Backyard in Bloom

Spring is such an amazing time of year.  Everything turns green again, trees and flowers start blooming, kids are playing outside, grilling season is in full swing, and winter jackets are shoved back into the coat closet (yay!).

Early Spring means our cherry trees and azaleas are bursting with color and life.  I was inspired to take some pictures of our backyard to share their beauty with you.

As I've mentioned before, the azaleas aren't our favorite.  Sadly, they only bloom for about a week and then the blooms fall off.  We have a lot of them in our yard though so they aren't getting replaced anytime soon.  Last year, we just let them be, but this year we are hoping to prune them into more pleasing shapes.

I also snapped some photos of the lenten roses that we planted last year along the driveway.  

They have done amazingly well and we snatched up seven more at our local Master Gardener plant sale!  (At Lowe's they are $19.98 for a quart sized pot.  At the plant sale they were $3-7 a pot!)  In my opinion, they are an absolute must for every shade garden.  

When our hydrangeas and the other perennials along our driveway start blooming, I'll share some more pics.


  1. I wish my azaleas were that big!

    1. I imagine they've been here for a long time. They're kind of like azaleas gone wild right now. They need to be tamed!


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