Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Ole Switcheroo

I'm not sure that I've really shared much about it on the blog, but I recently started a new job.  I needed a change and so I sought out something new.  It's going to involve some stepping outside of my comfort zone, but it's also going to help alleviate my overall stress level (I hope). One really nice thing about this new job, is that I get to do a lot of the work from home.  I love being here to let the dog out and not having to commute to an office.  However, since I started working from home, the shortcomings of our office have become very apparent.

Granted, it certainly isn't a "finished" room, but there are some changes that need to be made as it approaches a more finished state.

First off, my desk chair is not very comfortable for long periods of time.  Secondly, I need more storage space.  I would like to be able to tuck away my mess at the end of each day.  The three drawers across the front of my desk are pretty shallow and don't hold enough for me.  Thirdly, I would like some sort of family calendar/to do list up on the wall for me to keep track of my work projects and for us to keep track of our house projects.  Lastly, I've been mulling over the idea of a craft/project room with a large table and a place for my sewing machine for awhile now.  

In order to meet all of these items on our wish list, we decided to turn our current dining room into a large craft/project/office space and convert our current office into a dining room (that's what the room is actually intended to be).  

We have already switched most of the furniture around and I have been combing Pinterest for inspiration.  Here is a mood board that I started for the new office/project room.  My vision is bright, colorful, and modern.

Our major builds will include a project table and built-ins along the back wall.  I have already ordered the saddle office chair from West Elm and it arrived Wednesday.  I just assembled it today because we've been out of town.  It seems like it will be a comfortable place to sit while I work.  The desk in the mood board above is also from West Elm.  It was discounted until last Wednesday - the day that I arrived at the store in Nashville to possibly purchase it.  No good. So I'm scouring Craigslist again.  I think I've found a great option and I will decide on it this week.  The rug is from Pottery Barn and it should be here on Wednesday.  It was definitely a splurge, but I wanted something durable and a natural fiber rug fit the bill.  After reading on Emily A. Clark's blog that it is quite comfortable and soft despite being a mostly jute weave, I was sold.  

I'm considering painting the walls white (I will be the fourth time we've painted the dining room if it happens) to help brighten it up in there and to allow the accessories to add pops of color.  The curtains may remain white, I may add something to them (like some fun pom pom trim), or I may dye them.  Time will tell.  I haven't made final decisions on the artwork but I'm liking the four prints above.  Apparently, the top left one by Britt Bass Turner is no longer available.  Boo.  The other three can be found here (multiple sizes available as other listings), here, and here.  

I'll keep you posted on our progress!

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