Thursday, October 23, 2014

Map Art for the Master Bedroom

I've been searching for the right piece of art to hang above Seth's dresser for awhile.  After hanging some other prints above our nightstands, I found Jenna Sue's Etsy shop.  She sells aerial map art prints and they are available in lots of gorgeous colors.

I picked out a city that is very special to both of us and ordered it in navy.

It's a map of the city where we met and spent three years together.

Any guesses?

It's Knoxville.  If you look closely, you can see the Tennessee River wrapping around campus.

See it now?

I love pieces that are sentimental without being too cheesy.  And navy was (of course) the right choice.  I love me some navy.  It's such a gorgeous, classic color.  I think every room needs a bit of navy in the mix.  You can quote me on that.

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