Thursday, August 14, 2014

Organized Nightstands and Artwork

We're popping back into the master bedroom today so that I can show your our new artwork. You may remember that way back in April, I shared a mood board detailing the new direction for our bedroom.  It included four prints that I planned to hang above our nightstands.  Well, four months later, they are finally gracing our walls.

For my side, I chose an out of focus photography print from Minted.  It's called autumn obscured.  

I love its abstract feel.  And the colors are perfect.  I ordered it with the modern white frame.

The other print is a cute ampersand from Jones Design Company.  I popped it into a square silver frame from Target that I had on hand.  

I also added a mother in law tongue that I picked up at Wal-Mart and planted in a mercury glass vase.  My glasses sit in a small wooden tray that I found at Marshall's and I purchased my iPhone dock from CB2.  

The small floral frame contains a picture of me and my grandmother that I inherited after she passed away and I haven't changed the frame since she chose it to put our picture in.

Over to Seth's moodier, more masculine side.

He approved the antelope squirrel print (which we lovingly refer to as the squirrel-a-lope)...

 and Clare Elsaesser's November print for his side.  The white frame is from Wal-Mart and the other one is another square silver frame from Target.

I forced him to get a new alarm clock.  (I just searched to find you a picture of his old one but I apparently edited it out of my photos.  For good reason.  It was similar to this.)  

I also built him the wooden storage caddy for his kindle and iPad to sit in.  His nightstand is definitely looking more streamlined now.  But he is pining for his old alarm clock.

It's nice to finally have some art hung to liven up the white walls.  

And the addition of a live plant makes me happy every time.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I really like the colors in your master bedroom, it looks so peaceful and serene- the new artwork really livens it up and adds such a nice touch.

    1. Thanks. I'm happy with the new direction. I am always torn between a light, airy bedroom and a dark, moody one.


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