Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Kitchen Has Tile!

I am so excited to share our tiled kitchen with you today.  (I decided to skip over a separate cabinet reveal/painting post as there are a zillion cabinet painting tutorials out there.) For those that are new here, we recently hired someone to lay a tile floor over our ugly laminate and install a tile backsplash (we previously didn't have a backsplash at all).  We also painted out cream cabinets bright white and added new hinges and hardware for a more modern look and shifted our wall oven down a bit to make room above it for our microwave.  I'll be quiet now and let the pictures do the talking.

We chose a white subway tile with medium gray grout for the backsplash.  I like the blend of the traditional subway tile shape in a modern bright white color with the gray grout.

For the floor, we chose a medium gray 12" x 24" tile with the same gray grout.

It's definitely an amazing transformation from what this space looked like when we moved in.

Sorry for the cloudy day pictures.  It really is much brighter in person.

We still need to fix the gap over the sink where the scallop trim used to be (see photos above), add the floor transitions,

and demo (ugh.....) behind the fridge a bit as it is now too tall to fit in the opening (AGAIN). Poor Seth.

We also need to add a kitchen table and chairs and I have a few small project ideas for the laundry area.  You can read about other parts of the kitchen transformation at these links (painting a chalkboard wallbuying new countertops, a new stovetop, sink and faucetpainting the ceiling and making curtains, purchasing a new wall ovenpurchasing a new vent hood).

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