Saturday, April 11, 2015

A New Vent Hood

Before we had our handyman install our new kitchen backsplash, I realized that we should probably purchase the vent hood that had been on our list for months.  The last thing you want is a gap in your beautiful new backsplash because you new vent hood is not the same size as your old one.  So I did some searching online, narrowed it down to a couple of options and we pulled the trigger on one after making sure that the grease filters were dishwasher safe (cause if that's an option why would you choose anything else?).

When it arrived, Seth installed it with no problems.

As you can see, it is not as tall as our last one which is great because the other one always felt a bit low to us.  It is also MUCH MUCH quieter and you can actually see steam and cooking fumes being pulled upward towards it - amazing, huh?  Yeah - I think our old one was on its way out.

The more modern look also doesn't hurt.

Here is a reminder of the old hood (and the old cream cabinets with white knobs)...

And the new...

Yes - we also relocated the wall oven and microwave.  I love the built-in look that we achieved and getting that huge microwave off our counter made a world of difference.

I'll have a kitchen reveal post for you soon...I promise.

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