Sunday, March 23, 2014

Colorful Fabric Bunting Spring Wreath

Spring is officially here.  To celebrate, I finally got around to making a Spring wreath for our front door.

I wanted something inexpensive, fairly easy to make, and colorful with a nod to the season.

I simply cut strips of my gold polka dot burlap (from Joann's if anyone is hunting for some) and wrapped them around a straw wreath form (I left the plastic on for ease of use).  I used thumbtacks at the beginning and end of each strip to hold them in place.

Inspired by this, I made some bunting using twine and torn strips of fabric.  I had some on hand and picked up 1/8th of a yard of a couple other colors.  Even 1/8th of a yard was more than enough (I got two strips out of 1/16th of a yard).  

To make the rabbit, I traced an image from Google onto some scrap 1/4" plywood and Seth cut it out with our jigsaw.  I then slapped a couple of coats of grassy green acrylic paint on the front of it.  To secure it to the wreath, I found a couple of bamboo skewers in our kitchen cabinet and attached them to the back of the rabbit with super glue.  Then I just pushed him down into the straw wreath form.  (You can see one of the bamboo skewers in the photo above - I couldn't get him as flush with the bottom of the wreath as I intended.)

The new wreath adds some extra color to the front porch for Spring.  

And I don't think you can go wrong with a cute little wooden bunny.  

I'm still making decisions about outdoor pillows.  I just can't seems to find the right combination.  However, we are making progress with the new headboard for our master bedroom.  

Happy Spring!

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