Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Bedding

You may remember that back in April I was chipping away at some master bedroom updates. Over the last month or so, I've made a bit more progress.  Some progress is still progress.  (That phrase is often on repeat in my head.)

One problem that I was still trying to solve is my propensity to overheat while sleeping.  My original plan was to purchase a lightweight blanket for summer and fold up our comforter/duvet and lay it at the end of the bed (for use if we Seth gets chilled during the night).  But while browsing TJMaxx one day, I came across an amazing lightweight quilt.  

I love the chevron stitching.  It's subtle, but it gives the quilt a great texture.

Most importantly, it's very lightweight.  I have been sleeping at a comfortable temperature. Yay!

The other change that you may have noticed are the sheets.  Previously, I had a plain white sheet set on our bed, but then I realized that these light blue sheets from Target would add a bit more interest.  So I stole them from our guest bedroom.

I think I am finally done tweaking the bedding for awhile.  Until it starts to get cold again anyway.

And yes, I still have artwork framed and ready to hang above our nightstands.  I've had time to hang the new pieces, but I have been waiting until I have our nightstands organized and ready to ensure that I hang them in the exact right spots.  :)

I forced Seth to start using a new, more modern alarm clock and I made him a wooden vertical filing thing (what should I call it???) to hold his books, kindle, iPad, etc.  It's difficult to incorporate organization into that boy's life.  It is a daily struggle.  I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about, right?

I hope to reveal some transformations that I've completed for the antique booth soon.  Have a great weekend!

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