Sunday, May 10, 2015

DIY Reversible Wooden Sign

You may have noticed my wooden "bloom" sign in our kitchen tile reveal.  I actually made it over a year ago after being inspired by this photo of Kate from Farmhouse 38's sign.

There isn't really a tutorial and I didn't take any pictures of the process (sorry).  You simply grab a piece of plywood, scrap wood, whatever you have on hand and cut it down to the size you want.  I liked the angled edge that Kate had on hers and so I replicated that.  I stained it with Minwax's dark walnut stain.

Once I settled on a word, I typed it up in a Word document in a fun font and printed it out as a mirror image.  I used a heavy hand to go over the outline of the letters with a pencil before flipping it over and positioning it on my sign.  I used some tape to hold the printout in place while I traced the letters to transfer the outline of them onto the wood.  (I hope that made sense.)

Then I simply used the pencil outlines to guide me as I painted the word with some bright blue acrylic paint.

When Fall rolled around, I decided that rather than remove the sign and find new decor for the season, I would paint a different word on the back to carry me through winter.

I opted for the word "cozy" in a different font and chose a fiery red-orange paint color.

Now, I've got a reversible sign that I can leave up year round!

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