Thursday, May 1, 2014

Modern Outdoor Pillows for Spring

You may remember my outdoor pillow roundup from March.  I was loving the modern aesthetic of the Trina Turk fabrics but not loving the price.  A couple of my readers suggested that I purchase outdoor fabric and make some pillows myself (since I have newfound sewing skills and all).

I decided against this for a few reasons.  Most importantly - I couldn't find an outdoor fabric that I liked.  I searched every single option on,,, and so on. What can I say?  I know what I like and I'm not settling.  Also, I wanted to have pillow covers with pillow inserts so that I could remove and wash the covers as needed.  Thirdly, I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of time over the month of April to complete the pillows (we had out of town guests one weekend, I was working another two weekends, and we went out of town Easter weekend).

So...after LOTS of playing around on Polyvore with pillow layouts, I settled on our new Spring pillow scheme.

As always, please mentally block out the hideous green wrought iron columns.  
They're still on the project list.  :)

This gorgeous ikat pillow is from World Market.  It is already stuffed, so no insert is needed.

The turquoise pillows on the bench are from fabricjunkie1640's shop on Etsy (I upgraded to 18x18 inch covers).  The black and white pillow was a splurge.  It's from Mazizmuse's shop (also on Etsy).  I purchased inexpensive inserts for these three pillows from Amazon.

I love how beautifully the colors in the ikat pillow complement the fabric bunting Spring wreath that I made in March.  

The turquoise geometric pillows aren't the exact shade of blue that I was hoping for but the price was right.  (If our money tree was producing this year, I would have splurged on these which appear to be closer to the color of our front door.  Maybe one day.)

Stay tuned for more outdoor posts including our DIY raised garden beds, a quick post about our new modern house numbers (which I just revealed in a couple photos above), and some beautiful pics of our backyard in bloom.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your pillows. I sew and bought about 10 varying sized pillow inserts at a store that was closing. I then purchased a set of polyester drapes at a garage sale. I cut them up and covered 2 pillows for my living room. My husband calls them Pepto bismol pink! Lol. But I like them.

    1. Great idea to buy inexpensive drapes to make pillow covers! I'll have to remember that.


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