Friday, March 20, 2015

Easy Yarn Banner Art

The wall above our "cat feeding station" has been empty since we swapped the dining room and office (then we repainted and started to decorate).  I came across a pillow with the question "Are you kitten me right meow?" on it a few weeks ago and I decided it would be the perfect phrase for this spot.

I didn't want another piece of framed art so I decided to make a banner instead.

  - ~ 1/2 yard of canvas
  - round dowel rod (not pictured)
  - yarn
  - fabric glue
  - string or jute (not pictured)
  - painters tape
  - stain (optional; not pictured)

First, I cut my piece of canvas to the size I wanted.  Mine ended up being 18" across by " long.  Then, I "hemmed" the side and bottom edges using fabric glue and let that sit overnight.

The next day, I measured and used my painters tape to mark off where my words would go.  I am not good at eyeballing things like this.  If you are, feel free to skip the taping.  My words would have been super crooked and uncentered without the tape as my guide.

I had originally planned to sew the words onto the canvas cloth but the canvas is so thick that the needle left a gaping hole when I poked it through.  So plan B was to use the fabric glue.

I "drew" my word with the glue and then carefully laid my yarn on top.  (Sorry for the lack of progress shots.  Bad blogger.)

After the glue dried for a few hours, I folded the top hem over my stained dowel rod and applied more glue.  The next morning, the glue at this top hem had not held.  Plan B was to use a needle and thread and sew the hem together around the dowel rod.  Turns out, hand sewing a straight line is not my forte.  Onto plan C.  Iron on hem tape.  Worked like a charm.

I tied some jute twine around the ends of the dowel rod and hung up my new banner!

I kinda wish I had left room for a question mark but I realized this after I had centered and glued down "meow".  Oh well.

I like the quirkiness it adds to the room.  It makes me smile when I read it.  Crazy cat ladies unite!

Stay tuned for some nursery updates (the accent wall is nearly complete) and a kitchen update (we bought a new vent hood and the floor tiles are going down this tomorrow!).  Have a productive weekend!

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