Friday, October 31, 2014

Dining Room Updates

I think I last left you here with the dining room/office switcheroo.  We finally found some time to hang a few things on the walls.

First up is this DIY mirror.

Do you recognize it?  It all started two years ago when I found the frame at a thrift store.  At first, I thought it was an actual painting.  Upon closer inspection, it was really just a print on textured paper to make it appear as if there were brush strokes.  Sneaky.  So, I didn't feel too bad about repurposing it.  After a light sanding, I sprayed the frame with multiple coats of glossy white spray paint.  

The mirror is actually our old guest bathroom mirror that I took to a local glass place and had cut down to the correct size.  It was a really thick, heavy mirror and so I decided paying $15 was worth it versus trying to cut it myself.  I used some liquid nails construction adhesive to adhere it directly to the print.  

Technically, it is a bit oversized for the buffet, but I think once I hang a couple of DIY sconces on either side of it, they will help visually incorporate the two chairs that flank the buffet and the space will appear more grounded.

We also hung some artwork on either side of the window.

Yes, I really need to get better at my photography.

The print on the left was stolen from our spring/summer mantel and is by Britt Bass.  

The art on the right is a watercolor on paper by Jessica Torrant.  

I kept it super simple on the dining room table this fall.  A couple of white pumpkins and some cotton.  That's all I felt it needed.

I love how the mirror opens up the space and bounces light around.

You can even see the painting in our foyer reflected in it.

Progress.  I'll take it.  

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